Our Feelings

Today we talked about different emotions we feel. We talked about a bunch of different emotions that we can feel and how we feel these emotions in different parts of our body. We also talked about situations in our lives that make us feel different emotions.

First, we watched a video about kids who were talking about anger and how they feel when they are angry. The video talked about what happens to their bodies when they are angry.

We then brainstormed a list of feelings that we feel. Then we made a chart on what we feel when we feel different emotions. For example, I wrote, “I feel happy when I’m playing with my friends,”. We did this for each of the feelings. Below are pictures of what makes us feel different emotions.


After we talked about where we feel certain emotions within our bodies. We colored different parts of the body with different colors to show where we feel these emotions. We talked about how we all feel emotions in different places. Below is a picture of how we showed where we feel different feelings.

We then talked about what it would be like if we carried these emotions around with us all the time. We put an emotion on a large piece of paper and tied it around the area where you could feel that emotion. It showed us that emotions can be hard to carry around with us.  Below is a picture of Andrew carrying around all of his emotions.

We then wrote in our journals about what would happen to us if we had to carry these emotions around with us all the time.

Today taught us that it is important to recognize our feelings and how they affect our lives our bodies and our happiness.

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Ashton & Deagan

Author: cdegelman

Grade 3/4 teacher at Douglas Park School in Regina, Saskatchewan

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