Feelings Lesson 1

Hey everyone!

This week our class is going to be focusing on emotions and how different emotions can impact our body and ultimately our happiness. This week there will be a series of lessons on feelings all working towards Mindfulness so stay tuned for that! I am going to share our first lesson on emotions, the sources and some resources to help you implement this lesson into your classroom!

We started the lesson off by watching the video “Just Breathe” which is a video where children share some of the different feelings that they feel. The children share and describe where in their bodies they feel these different emotions and what the emotions make their bodies do. They also begin to talk about ways that help them deal with their emotions. Below is the video we used to launch this lesson.

Next, we brainstormed a list of feelings that we are familiar with. The students were able to identify many emotions. Some of the students also began to try and add ‘symptoms’ of feelings which I told them to hang on to for later in the lesson. Below is a picture of the feelings that my class brainstormed today.

Following our brainstorm, we discussed what are some of the most common feelings that we feel. We discussed how even young children can identify and verbalize feelings such as happy, sad, mad, scared and love. They began to share how they feel that these are emotions that are easy to identify. These are the feelings that we would focus on for the remainder of the lesson. We discussed how different situations in our lives make us feel these emotions. In their journals, the students wrote to the following prompts, “I feel happy when..” etc for all of the emotions.

Next, we started talking about how emotions influence and affect our body. I made reference to some of the ‘symptom’ feelings that some of the students tried to share in our initial brainstorm session. One example that one of my students shared was feeling ‘sick’.  I revisited this by saying that feeling ‘sick’ is not an emotion but yet it is something we may physically feel from feeling an emotion.  We talked about many of the emotions and we discussed as a class where and how we feel those emotions in our body. For example, we discussed how when we are angry some students shared their chest gets sore or their hands may react like hitting or punching from being mad. Another example may be if we are feeling sad we may feel a lump in our throat or we cry, or we may hyperventilate. We then used this body map outline and colored on our body maps where in our bodies we feel these different emotions.

Following this activity, we had a little bit of fun and talked about what it would be like if our body stored these emotions in the places we identified and we had to carry them around all the time. I cut large pieces of paper and we wrote different emotions on them and wrapped them around different parts of the body. We then discussed how difficult it would be to carry on with our day while carrying these big emotions around all day and how it would affect our lives. Here is a picture of Andrew carrying around these emotions!

You can visit here to find where I got the idea and script for the body map lesson above.

When we wrapped up our discussions I asked my students to quickly reflect in their happiness journals to the following prompt “What would happen if you stored all of these emotions in your body?”

Moving forward, we will begin to explore the idea of mindfulness and how we can begin to process and move these emotions through our bodies. Stay tuned for the continuation of the feelings lessons!

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

-Mrs. Degelman

We will meet YOU at HAPPY!





Author: cdegelman

Grade 3/4 teacher at Douglas Park School in Regina, Saskatchewan

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