Emotions are like waves

Last class we talked about what would happen to our bodies if we stored all of our emotions. Today we talked about dealing with those emotions. We talked about how our body should be a hotel for emotions. Our body is like a hotel because emotions can come into the hotel but after a while they will leave. If they don’t leave then we stay angry and the anger gets bigger and bigger.

We watched a video about peacefulness and anger. In the video there was an elder and a kid and the elder said that you have an angry wolf and a peaceful wolf in your heart. Whatever one you focus on is the one that you feed and that one will win. Instead of feeding it we need to calmly focus on it.

Here is the video about the wolves.

After the video we each got a piece of gum. We started by looking at it. Then we were allowed to pick it up and smell it. Then we paid attention to what the wrapper looks like and sounds like when we take it off. Next we took a small bite but didn’t chew it. We figured out what it tasted like and felt like as we moved it around with our tongue. Then we got to eat the entire piece of gum and then it tasted like watermelon. This is like emotions we need to pay attention to them and be fully aware of how it makes our bodies feel like how the gum made us feel.

We talked about how emotions are like waves. They come in and then eventually they go. When they come in we need to notice it. We need to step back and look at it. Then we need to experience it. We need to not block it and try not to keep it around. Then we need to accept it. When we accept it we can deal with it. Then last we need to release our emotion. We need to accept it and let it go. After we wrote notice it, experience it, accept it and release it on a wave to remind us how to deal with emotions.

Thanks for reading!


Olivia & Liam



Author: cdegelman

Grade 3/4 teacher at Douglas Park School in Regina, Saskatchewan

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