Mindfulness Wheel

This week we are talking about mindfulness and dealing with our emotions. Last week we talked about big emotions and this week we are looking at strategies to deal with our emotions.

First, we watched the PBS video. This video taught us about kids using mindfulness. In this video, the kids taught us what mindfulness means to them. It can help you when you are frustrated, sad or mad. One suggestion they gave us was to PBS and it means to pause, breath and smile. You can watch the video Kids Explain Mindfulness below.

We talked about how we can use mindfulness when you have big emotions instead of carrying them around. We talked about Mrs. Markussons presentation when she was here last week and how we can use what she taught us to be mindful and deal with emotions.

Mrs. Degelman read us her book “Good Morning Sunshine” by Trina Markusson. This story is about the present moment and 6 different ways to help you be mindful. The 6 things she suggests are gratitude, belly breathing, mindfulness jar, the 5 senses, kind caring thoughts and taking care of your feelings.

We then created a mindfulness wheel for ourselves where we drew the 6 different mindfulness strategies. We put these in our happiness journals.


Thanks for reading!

Jasper & Thomas





Author: cdegelman

Grade 3/4 teacher at Douglas Park School in Regina, Saskatchewan

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