Positive Self Talk

Today we talked about our mindset and positive and negative thoughts. We shouldn’t talk to ourselves in a negative way because it is bad for our brain. If we think we can’t do it then we won’t be able to do it.

First we watched this video. The video told us to be confident and don’t speak negatively to yourself. It told us if you want an orange you don’t plant a cactus seed so that means if you want a good life then you can’t think negative. What you believe about yourself is what will happen and if you don’t believe it then it won’t happen. This showed us that positive self-talk is important in helping us be good at things.

Here is the video: (we watched until 5:07)

After we watched the video we brainstormed positive self-talk mantras. This is where we listed things we can say to ourselves when we feel down, frustrated, sad, mad or any negative emotions. Some of the positive sayings we brainstormed were: I can’t do this yet, I believe I can do this, I can improve, I can think this out, never give up and many more.

Then we talked about how a self-talk shield can protect us from the negative self-talk. We each wrote some of the positive self-talk mantras on our shields to help protect us from negative talk. Then we colored them and glued them into our happiness journals. At the top we wrote positive thoughts shield and protect us from a negative self-talk. Here is a picture of our shields that we did.

Today was important because we learned not to use negative self-talk and why it is important to use positive self-talk. This will help us have a better life because if you speak positive to yourself you will act positive instead of speaking negative and acting negative.

Here is a self-talk poster that we also added to our journals.

Thanks for reading

Griffin & Andrew


Author: cdegelman

Grade 3/4 teacher at Douglas Park School in Regina, Saskatchewan

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