Yesterday we had a very special visitor in our classroom. Before the break, I had reached out to Makayla from thehappinessprojectyqr. Makayla is a young lady from Regina who has been creating her own happiness project and sharing it with others around our community. Her social media account is inspiring and such a positive platform within our community. Also, Makayla, has guests appear on her Instagram account to share their rituals in self-care and happiness. She has built a space where others feel empowered to share their journey to happiness. Makayla is such a positive influence within our community in using her social media account to spread awareness about such an important. I reached out to Makayla as I wanted to bring someone into our classroom from our community who could speak to our students about ways to use the happiness project outside our classroom as well as ways in which we can use our social media accounts in a positive way.

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As our students approach the age where social media is no doubt in some way going to become a part of their lives I wanted to provide them with a great role model in using social media appropriately. I reached out to Makayla via social media and she was so excited to have the opportunity to come into our classroom and talk to our students about her project.

First, we talked about different things in our lives that we are grateful for. Makayla shared with us that the first thing she does each morning before she even gets out of bed is she lists three things she is grateful for. By showing gratitude to things we are grateful for we learned that we can turn a bad day into a good day. We discussed different things we each do as morning rituals that can help start our day out right!

Next, we had the opportunity to discuss different scenarios that could occur in our lives and talk about how our reaction to those scenarios can either spread happiness or upset others. We talked about how to positively react to different scenarios to be the best human we can be.


Next, we watched a short video about rules for being kind online. Following these video students were able to create their own kindness pledges to share how they plan to be kind to others both online and in person!

Finally, each student had the opportunity to paint a kindness rock. These rocks act as a physical reminder that we can carry with us to remind us to always be kind both in person and online.

We had such a great afternoon with Makayla! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and hang out with us! We presented Makala with a few of our happiness bracelets as a thank you for coming in!

Thanks for stopping by!

Mrs. Degelman

We will meet YOU at HAPPY!





Author: cdegelman

Grade 3/4 teacher at Douglas Park School in Regina, Saskatchewan

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